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    Should You Switch to a Gas Stove?

    Last updated 7 days ago

    When it’s time for a new cooktop in your kitchen, you have many options to consider. Gas and electric ranges are among the most popular kitchen appliances available. Although gas and electric stoves generally meet the same price points, gas stoves can offer both better cooking results and higher energy efficiency. Many professional chefs and homeowners alike prefer the finer heat control afforded by gas stoves. Those with an eye to environmental issues enjoy the benefits of lower electricity usage when cooking with a stove that uses gas rather than electricity. Gas stoves use approximately three times less energy than their electric counterparts, saving you money in the long run regardless of the purchase price of the appliance.

    Do you need a new stove, refrigerator, microwave, or other kitchen appliance? Gringer & Sons, Inc. is your one-stop location for discount appliances in NYC. Call us today at (646) 679-3971 or visit our website to find out more about the brands we offer, including Electrolux, GE, and KitchenAid. 

    The Blu-Ray Difference

    Last updated 17 days ago

    As Blu-Ray discs grow in popularity, you may be wondering how they differ from HD DVDs. Blu-Ray technology allows these discs to be made thinner than today’s HD DVDs and hold a maximum of 50 gigabytes of data. Blu-Ray is supported by a number of today’s most influential and successful companies, including Sony, Apple, Hitachi, and HP. You can learn more about the Blu-Ray difference by watching this short video. 

    Let Gringer & Sons, Inc. help you create the perfect movie-watching experience with our wide selection of televisions, home theater systems, speakers, and more. We invite you to check out our full inventory of electronics and appliances online, where you can also find information about our latest deals. Please call (646) 679-3971 to speak with a staff member for the answers to any questions.

    How Does a Convection Oven Work?

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Convection ovens incorporate a mechanical fan into the appliance’s design to help circulate hot air around cooking food. Although the concept of fan-assisted cooking has been in use since 1967, it has not been until recent years that convection ovens have truly become popular and desirable kitchen appliances. Keep reading to discover how convection ovens work and how choosing one might help you create even more delectable meals, desserts, and more.

    Convection Oven Basics

    Inside a traditional oven, a heating element at the bottom creates heat, which warms the air inside the appliance. This warm air transfers heat to your food to cook it. However, this process can result in uneven cooking if one portion of your dish becomes hotter than the other. Convection ovens solve this problem by using a fan to circulate air throughout the oven’s cavity while your food is cooking. By continuously circulating heated air around cooking food, a convection oven transfers heat from the appliance’s heating elements to your food more quickly and effectively.

    Convection Oven Considerations

    There are a few considerations to keep in mind when cooking with your convection oven. Convection ovens cook all food evenly, regardless of whether you are using more than one rack. Additionally, recipes designed for use in a conventional oven should be altered because a convection oven will cook foods faster than your recipe may recommend. Breads, cookies, and cakes may cook before they rise in a convection oven, so you should lower the recommended temperature by 20-25 degrees when using a convection oven to bake them.

    Whether you are looking for a traditional oven or an advanced convection oven for your kitchen, Gringer & Sons, Inc. of NYC can help you choose the ideal appliance for your cooking needs. You can reach us today by calling (646) 679-3971, or stop by one of our two New York locations in Manhattan and Long Island to explore our kitchen appliance selection in person.

    Side-by-Side or Bottom Freezer: Which Fridge is Right for You?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    There are a variety of refrigerator designs available to suit both your needs and aesthetic preferences. Two of the most popular choices are side-by-side and bottom freezer configurations. Regardless of the type of refrigerator you’d like for your kitchen, Gringer & Sons, Inc. has the perfect kitchen appliance for your NYC home.


    If you have certain space considerations in your kitchen, you’ll want to choose an appliance that caters to your kitchen’s limitations. Side-by-side models need room on either side of the refrigerator to open, while bottom freezer models can have single or French doors to accommodate your needs.

    Storage Capacity

    Another important factor to consider when choosing the right refrigerator for your needs is its storage capacity. Side-by-side models offer a narrower but taller interior capacity, while bottom freezer refrigerators allow more stacking of long or low items without worrying that they may fall out.

    Ease of Access

    Side-by-side refrigerators offer easier access to food, especially if you tend to use your freezer quite frequently. If you have trouble bending over or reaching down, a side-by-side model may also be best for your needs. Alternatively, if you tend to use your freezer less often and aren’t concerned with accessibility, a bottom freezer refrigerator could be the best design for you.

    Energy Efficiency

    If you’re looking for an appliance that will reduce your overall energy costs, a bottom freezer design is your best option. These appliances use less energy to keep your food cool than their side-by-side counterparts. In fact, bottom freezer designs offer the highest energy efficiency of any refrigerator model on the market.

    Gringer & Sons, Inc. is here to meet all your home appliance needs with a wide selection of kitchen, home comfort, laundry, and home entertainment appliances in New York. You can stop by either one of our two locations to check out our inventory or call (646) 679-3971 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. Take a look through our blog for more information and tips on choosing the right appliance for your needs!

    Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When creating an outdoor kitchen that fits your needs and style, your imagination is the most important requirement for the task. It is up to you to decide the layout and functionality of your space. Here are a few ideas for creating your ideal outdoor kitchen.

    One important aspect of your outdoor kitchen is the location. You will want to consider the relationship between your outdoor kitchen and your pool, lawn, and home. If you plan on sharing your space with friends and families for get-togethers, be sure to provide plentiful and comfortable seating as well as a focal point such as a fireplace. You should also plan on providing some sort of protection from the elements; the impact of an unexpected rainstorm or a blindingly bright day can be lessened with a roof or umbrella.

    Do you need help creating your ideal outdoor kitchen? Call Gringer & Sons, Inc. at (646) 679-3971. For over 95 years, we have specialized in kitchen appliances in Long Island and New York City. If you want to learn more about us, visit our website or stop by and meet us.

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